Specification annotation system documentation

The HTML5 specification has a built-in annotation system to enable the status of each section to be labelled individually.

To login, click the "login" button at the top of the specification. If you don't have an account yet, use the "Request Account" button. Your password is e-mailed to you.

To add an annotation to a section, double click that section with the alt key pressed.

To edit the annotation for a section, double click that section or the annotation for that section with the alt key pressed.

Each annotation consists of:

Section status

A brief description of the status of the section:

Idea; yet to be specified
The section is a placeholder.
Being edited right now
The section is in high flux and is actively being edited. Contact Hixie on IRC if you have immediate feedback.
Overcome by events
Either the section is no longer relevant but the draft has not yet been updated, or the world has changed such that the section is now inaccurate in some serious way.
Marked for extraction
The section will be removed within the next few months. An editor has already volunteered to maintain this section in another specification. This status might be combined with another to give the maturity of the section as well.
First draft
An early stage.
Working draft
An early stage, but more mature than just "first draft".
Controversial Working draft
Same as "Working draft", but there is a particularily high level of controversy around this section, so it may change dramatically.
Last call for comments
The section is nearly done, but there may be feedback still to be processed. Send feedback sooner rather than later, or it might be too late.
Awaiting implementation feedback
The section is basically done, but might change in response to feedback from implementors. Major changes are unlikely past this point unless it is found that the feature, as specified, really doesn't work well.
Implemented and widely deployed
The feature is specified and complete. Once a section is interoperably implemented, it is quite stable and unlikely to change significantly. Any changes to such a section would most likely only be editorial in nature, particularly if the feature is already in widespread use.
Being considered for removal
For one reason or another, the section is being considered for removal. Send feedback soon to help with the decision.
Links to tests for this section:

A set of absolute URIs to tests for the section.

Links to demos for this section:

A set of absolute URIs to pages demonstrating the section's features.

Implementation status

An estimation of the level of support for the four major browsers.