12.5 Named character references

This table lists the character reference names that are supported by HTML, and the code points to which they refer. It is referenced by the previous sections.

Name Character(s) Glyph
Aacute; U+000C1 Á
Aacute U+000C1 Á
aacute; U+000E1 á
aacute U+000E1 á
Abreve; U+00102 Ă
abreve; U+00103 ă
ac; U+0223E ∾
acd; U+0223F ∿
acE; U+0223E U+00333 ∾̳
Acirc; U+000C2 Â
Acirc U+000C2 Â
acirc; U+000E2 â
acirc U+000E2 â
acute; U+000B4 ´
acute U+000B4 ´
Acy; U+00410 А
acy; U+00430 а
AElig; U+000C6 Æ
AElig U+000C6 Æ
aelig; U+000E6 æ
aelig U+000E6 æ
af; U+02061 ⁡
Afr; U+1D504 𝔄
afr; U+1D51E 𝔞
Agrave; U+000C0 À
Agrave U+000C0 À
agrave; U+000E0 à
agrave U+000E0 à
alefsym; U+02135 ℵ
aleph; U+02135 ℵ
Alpha; U+00391 Α
alpha; U+003B1 α
Amacr; U+00100 Ā
amacr; U+00101 ā
amalg; U+02A3F ⨿
AMP; U+00026 &
AMP U+00026 &
amp; U+00026 &
amp U+00026 &
And; U+02A53 ⩓
and; U+02227 ∧
andand; U+02A55 ⩕
andd; U+02A5C ⩜
andslope; U+02A58 ⩘
andv; U+02A5A ⩚
ang; U+02220 ∠
ange; U+029A4 ⦤
angle; U+02220 ∠
angmsd; U+02221 ∡
angmsdaa; U+029A8 ⦨
angmsdab; U+029A9 ⦩
angmsdac; U+029AA ⦪
angmsdad; U+029AB ⦫
angmsdae; U+029AC ⦬
angmsdaf; U+029AD ⦭
angmsdag; U+029AE ⦮
angmsdah; U+029AF ⦯
angrt; U+0221F ∟
angrtvb; U+022BE ⊾
angrtvbd; U+0299D ⦝
angsph; U+02222 ∢
angst; U+000C5 Å
angzarr; U+0237C ⍼
Aogon; U+00104 Ą
aogon; U+00105 ą
Aopf; U+1D538 𝔸
aopf; U+1D552 𝕒
ap; U+02248 ≈
apacir; U+02A6F ⩯
apE; U+02A70 ⩰
ape; U+0224A ≊
apid; U+0224B ≋
apos; U+00027 '
ApplyFunction; U+02061 ⁡
approx; U+02248 ≈
approxeq; U+0224A ≊
Aring; U+000C5 Å
Aring U+000C5 Å
aring; U+000E5 å
aring U+000E5 å
Ascr; U+1D49C 𝒜
ascr; U+1D4B6 𝒶
Assign; U+02254 ≔
ast; U+0002A *
asymp; U+02248 ≈
asympeq; U+0224D ≍
Atilde; U+000C3 Ã
Atilde U+000C3 Ã
atilde; U+000E3 ã
atilde U+000E3 ã
Auml; U+000C4 Ä
Auml U+000C4 Ä
auml; U+000E4 ä
auml U+000E4 ä
awconint; U+02233 ∳
awint; U+02A11 ⨑
backcong; U+0224C ≌
backepsilon; U+003F6 ϶
backprime; U+02035 ‵
backsim; U+0223D ∽
backsimeq; U+022CD ⋍
Backslash; U+02216 ∖
Barv; U+02AE7 ⫧
barvee; U+022BD ⊽
Barwed; U+02306 ⌆
barwed; U+02305 ⌅
barwedge; U+02305 ⌅
bbrk; U+023B5 ⎵
bbrktbrk; U+023B6 ⎶
bcong; U+0224C ≌
Bcy; U+00411 Б
bcy; U+00431 б
bdquo; U+0201E „
becaus; U+02235 ∵
Because; U+02235 ∵
because; U+02235 ∵
bemptyv; U+029B0 ⦰
bepsi; U+003F6 ϶
bernou; U+0212C ℬ
Bernoullis; U+0212C ℬ
Beta; U+00392 Β
beta; U+003B2 β
beth; U+02136 ℶ
between; U+0226C ≬
Bfr; U+1D505 𝔅
bfr; U+1D51F 𝔟
bigcap; U+022C2 ⋂
bigcirc; U+025EF ◯
bigcup; U+022C3 ⋃
bigodot; U+02A00 ⨀
bigoplus; U+02A01 ⨁
bigotimes; U+02A02 ⨂
bigsqcup; U+02A06 ⨆
bigstar; U+02605 ★
bigtriangledown; U+025BD ▽
bigtriangleup; U+025B3 △
biguplus; U+02A04 ⨄
bigvee; U+022C1 ⋁
bigwedge; U+022C0 ⋀
bkarow; U+0290D ⤍
blacklozenge; U+029EB ⧫
blacksquare; U+025AA ▪
blacktriangle; U+025B4 ▴
blacktriangledown; U+025BE ▾
blacktriangleleft; U+025C2 ◂
blacktriangleright; U+025B8 ▸
blank; U+02423 ␣
blk12; U+02592 ▒
blk14; U+02591 ░
blk34; U+02593 ▓
block; U+02588 █
bne; U+0003D U+020E5 =⃥
bnequiv; U+02261 U+020E5 ≡⃥
bNot; U+02AED ⫭
bnot; U+02310 ⌐
Bopf; U+1D539 𝔹
bopf; U+1D553 𝕓
bot; U+022A5 ⊥
bottom; U+022A5 ⊥
bowtie; U+022C8 ⋈
boxbox; U+029C9 ⧉
boxDL; U+02557 ╗
boxDl; U+02556 ╖
boxdL; U+02555 ╕
boxdl; U+02510 ┐
boxDR; U+02554 ╔
boxDr; U+02553 ╓
boxdR; U+02552 ╒
boxdr; U+0250C ┌
boxH; U+02550 ═
boxh; U+02500 ─
boxHD; U+02566 ╦
boxHd; U+02564 ╤
boxhD; U+02565 ╥
boxhd; U+0252C ┬
boxHU; U+02569 ╩
boxHu; U+02567 ╧
boxhU; U+02568 ╨
boxhu; U+02534 ┴
boxminus; U+0229F ⊟
boxplus; U+0229E ⊞
boxtimes; U+022A0 ⊠
boxUL; U+0255D ╝
boxUl; U+0255C ╜
boxuL; U+0255B ╛
boxul; U+02518 ┘
boxUR; U+0255A ╚
boxUr; U+02559 ╙
boxuR; U+02558 ╘
boxur; U+02514 └
boxV; U+02551 ║
boxv; U+02502 │
boxVH; U+0256C ╬
boxVh; U+0256B ╫
boxvH; U+0256A ╪
boxvh; U+0253C ┼
boxVL; U+02563 ╣
boxVl; U+02562 ╢
boxvL; U+02561 ╡
boxvl; U+02524 ┤
boxVR; U+02560 ╠
boxVr; U+0255F ╟
boxvR; U+0255E ╞
boxvr; U+0251C ├
bprime; U+02035 ‵
Breve; U+002D8 ˘
breve; U+002D8 ˘
brvbar; U+000A6 ¦
brvbar U+000A6 ¦
Bscr; U+0212C ℬ
bscr; U+1D4B7 𝒷
bsemi; U+0204F ⁏
bsim; U+0223D ∽
bsime; U+022CD ⋍
bsol; U+0005C \
bsolb; U+029C5 ⧅
bsolhsub; U+027C8 ⟈
bull; U+02022 •
bullet; U+02022 •
bump; U+0224E ≎
bumpE; U+02AAE ⪮
bumpe; U+0224F ≏
Bumpeq; U+0224E ≎
bumpeq; U+0224F ≏
Cacute; U+00106 Ć
cacute; U+00107 ć
Cap; U+022D2 ⋒
cap; U+02229
capand; U+02A44 ⩄
capbrcup; U+02A49 ⩉
capcap; U+02A4B ⩋
capcup; U+02A47 ⩇
capdot; U+02A40 ⩀
CapitalDifferentialD; U+02145 ⅅ
caps; U+02229 U+0FE00 ∩︀
caret; U+02041 ⁁
caron; U+002C7 ˇ
Cayleys; U+0212D ℭ
ccaps; U+02A4D ⩍
Ccaron; U+0010C Č
ccaron; U+0010D č
Ccedil; U+000C7 Ç
Ccedil U+000C7 Ç
ccedil; U+000E7 ç
ccedil U+000E7 ç
Ccirc; U+00108 Ĉ
ccirc; U+00109 ĉ
Cconint; U+02230 ∰
ccups; U+02A4C ⩌
ccupssm; U+02A50 ⩐
Cdot; U+0010A Ċ
cdot; U+0010B ċ
cedil; U+000B8 ¸
cedil U+000B8 ¸
Cedilla; U+000B8 ¸
cemptyv; U+029B2 ⦲
cent; U+000A2 ¢
cent U+000A2 ¢
CenterDot; U+000B7 ·
centerdot; U+000B7 ·
Cfr; U+0212D ℭ
cfr; U+1D520 𝔠
CHcy; U+00427 Ч
chcy; U+00447 ч
check; U+02713 ✓
checkmark; U+02713 ✓
Chi; U+003A7 Χ
chi; U+003C7 χ
cir; U+025CB ○
circ; U+002C6 ˆ
circeq; U+02257 ≗
circlearrowleft; U+021BA ↺
circlearrowright; U+021BB ↻
circledast; U+0229B ⊛
circledcirc; U+0229A ⊚
circleddash; U+0229D ⊝
CircleDot; U+02299 ⊙
circledR; U+000AE ®
circledS; U+024C8 Ⓢ
CircleMinus; U+02296 ⊖
CirclePlus; U+02295
CircleTimes; U+02297
cirE; U+029C3 ⧃
cire; U+02257 ≗
cirfnint; U+02A10 ⨐
cirmid; U+02AEF ⫯
cirscir; U+029C2 ⧂
ClockwiseContourIntegral; U+02232 ∲
CloseCurlyDoubleQuote; U+0201D
CloseCurlyQuote; U+02019 ’
clubs; U+02663
clubsuit; U+02663
Colon; U+02237 ∷
colon; U+0003A :
Colone; U+02A74 ⩴
colone; U+02254 ≔
coloneq; U+02254 ≔
comma; U+0002C ,
commat; U+00040 @
comp; U+02201 ∁
compfn; U+02218 ∘
complement; U+02201 ∁
complexes; U+02102 ℂ
cong; U+02245
congdot; U+02A6D ⩭
Congruent; U+02261
Conint; U+0222F ∯
conint; U+0222E ∮
ContourIntegral; U+0222E ∮
Copf; U+02102 ℂ
copf; U+1D554 𝕔
coprod; U+02210 ∐
Coproduct; U+02210 ∐
COPY; U+000A9 ©
COPY U+000A9 ©
copy; U+000A9 ©
copy U+000A9 ©
copysr; U+02117 ℗
CounterClockwiseContourIntegral; U+02233 ∳
crarr; U+021B5
Cross; U+02A2F ⨯
cross; U+02717 ✗
Cscr; U+1D49E 𝒞
cscr; U+1D4B8 𝒸
csub; U+02ACF ⫏
csube; U+02AD1 ⫑
csup; U+02AD0 ⫐
csupe; U+02AD2 ⫒
ctdot; U+022EF ⋯
cudarrl; U+02938 ⤸
cudarrr; U+02935 ⤵
cuepr; U+022DE ⋞
cuesc; U+022DF ⋟
cularr; U+021B6 ↶
cularrp; U+0293D ⤽
Cup; U+022D3 ⋓
cup; U+0222A
cupbrcap; U+02A48 ⩈
CupCap; U+0224D ≍
cupcap; U+02A46 ⩆
cupcup; U+02A4A ⩊
cupdot; U+0228D ⊍
cupor; U+02A45 ⩅
cups; U+0222A U+0FE00 ∪︀
curarr; U+021B7 ↷
curarrm; U+0293C ⤼
curlyeqprec; U+022DE ⋞
curlyeqsucc; U+022DF ⋟
curlyvee; U+022CE ⋎
curlywedge; U+022CF ⋏
curren; U+000A4 ¤
curren U+000A4 ¤
curvearrowleft; U+021B6 ↶
curvearrowright; U+021B7 ↷
cuvee; U+022CE ⋎
cuwed; U+022CF ⋏
cwconint; U+02232 ∲
cwint; U+02231 ∱
cylcty; U+0232D ⌭
Dagger; U+02021
dagger; U+02020
daleth; U+02138 ℸ
Darr; U+021A1 ↡
dArr; U+021D3 ⇓
darr; U+02193 ↓
dash; U+02010 ‐
Dashv; U+02AE4 ⫤
dashv; U+022A3 ⊣
dbkarow; U+0290F ⤏
dblac; U+002DD ˝
Dcaron; U+0010E Ď
dcaron; U+0010F ď
Dcy; U+00414 Д
dcy; U+00434 д
DD; U+02145 ⅅ
dd; U+02146 ⅆ
ddagger; U+02021
ddarr; U+021CA ⇊
DDotrahd; U+02911 ⤑
ddotseq; U+02A77 ⩷
deg; U+000B0 °
deg U+000B0 °
Del; U+02207
Delta; U+00394 Δ
delta; U+003B4 δ
demptyv; U+029B1 ⦱
dfisht; U+0297F ⥿
Dfr; U+1D507 𝔇
dfr; U+1D521 𝔡
dHar; U+02965 ⥥
dharl; U+021C3 ⇃
dharr; U+021C2 ⇂
DiacriticalAcute; U+000B4 ´
DiacriticalDot; U+002D9 ˙
DiacriticalDoubleAcute; U+002DD ˝
DiacriticalGrave; U+00060 `
DiacriticalTilde; U+002DC ˜
diam; U+022C4 ⋄
Diamond; U+022C4 ⋄
diamond; U+022C4 ⋄
diamondsuit; U+02666
diams; U+02666
die; U+000A8 ¨
DifferentialD; U+02146 ⅆ
digamma; U+003DD ϝ
disin; U+022F2 ⋲
div; U+000F7 ÷
divide; U+000F7 ÷
divide U+000F7 ÷
divideontimes; U+022C7 ⋇
divonx; U+022C7 ⋇
DJcy; U+00402 Ђ
djcy; U+00452 ђ
dlcorn; U+0231E ⌞
dlcrop; U+0230D ⌍
dollar; U+00024 $
Dopf; U+1D53B 𝔻
dopf; U+1D555 𝕕
Dot; U+000A8 ¨
dot; U+002D9 ˙
DotDot; U+020DC ◌⃜
doteq; U+02250 ≐
doteqdot; U+02251 ≑
DotEqual; U+02250 ≐
dotminus; U+02238 ∸
dotplus; U+02214 ∔
dotsquare; U+022A1 ⊡
doublebarwedge; U+02306 ⌆
DoubleContourIntegral; U+0222F ∯
DoubleDot; U+000A8 ¨
DoubleDownArrow; U+021D3 ⇓
DoubleLeftArrow; U+021D0
DoubleLeftRightArrow; U+021D4 ⇔
DoubleLeftTee; U+02AE4 ⫤
DoubleLongLeftArrow; U+027F8 ⟸
DoubleLongLeftRightArrow; U+027FA ⟺
DoubleLongRightArrow; U+027F9 ⟹
DoubleRightArrow; U+021D2 ⇒
DoubleRightTee; U+022A8 ⊨
DoubleUpArrow; U+021D1 ⇑
DoubleUpDownArrow; U+021D5 ⇕
DoubleVerticalBar; U+02225 ∥
DownArrow; U+02193 ↓
Downarrow; U+021D3 ⇓
downarrow; U+02193 ↓
DownArrowBar; U+02913 ⤓
DownArrowUpArrow; U+021F5 ⇵
DownBreve; U+00311 ◌̑
downdownarrows; U+021CA ⇊
downharpoonleft; U+021C3 ⇃
downharpoonright; U+021C2 ⇂
DownLeftRightVector; U+02950 ⥐
DownLeftTeeVector; U+0295E ⥞
DownLeftVector; U+021BD ↽
DownLeftVectorBar; U+02956 ⥖
DownRightTeeVector; U+0295F ⥟
DownRightVector; U+021C1 ⇁
DownRightVectorBar; U+02957 ⥗
DownTee; U+022A4 ⊤
DownTeeArrow; U+021A7 ↧
drbkarow; U+02910 ⤐
drcorn; U+0231F ⌟
drcrop; U+0230C ⌌
Dscr; U+1D49F 𝒟
dscr; U+1D4B9 𝒹
DScy; U+00405 Ѕ
dscy; U+00455 ѕ
dsol; U+029F6 ⧶
Dstrok; U+00110 Đ
dstrok; U+00111 đ
dtdot; U+022F1 ⋱
dtri; U+025BF ▿
dtrif; U+025BE ▾
duarr; U+021F5 ⇵
duhar; U+0296F ⥯
dwangle; U+029A6 ⦦
DZcy; U+0040F Џ
dzcy; U+0045F џ
dzigrarr; U+027FF ⟿
Eacute; U+000C9 É
Eacute U+000C9 É
eacute; U+000E9 é
eacute U+000E9 é
easter; U+02A6E ⩮
Ecaron; U+0011A Ě
ecaron; U+0011B ě
ecir; U+02256 ≖
Ecirc; U+000CA Ê
Ecirc U+000CA Ê
ecirc; U+000EA ê
ecirc U+000EA ê
ecolon; U+02255 ≕
Ecy; U+0042D Э
ecy; U+0044D э
eDDot; U+02A77 ⩷
Edot; U+00116 Ė
eDot; U+02251 ≑
edot; U+00117 ė
ee; U+02147 ⅇ
efDot; U+02252 ≒
Efr; U+1D508 𝔈
efr; U+1D522 𝔢
eg; U+02A9A ⪚
Egrave; U+000C8 È
Egrave U+000C8 È
egrave; U+000E8 è
egrave U+000E8 è
egs; U+02A96 ⪖
egsdot; U+02A98 ⪘
el; U+02A99 ⪙
Element; U+02208 ∈
elinters; U+023E7 ⏧
ell; U+02113 ℓ
els; U+02A95 ⪕
elsdot; U+02A97 ⪗
Emacr; U+00112 Ē
emacr; U+00113 ē
empty; U+02205 ∅
emptyset; U+02205 ∅
EmptySmallSquare; U+025FB ◻
emptyv; U+02205 ∅
EmptyVerySmallSquare; U+025AB ▫
emsp; U+02003
emsp13; U+02004  
emsp14; U+02005  
ENG; U+0014A Ŋ
eng; U+0014B ŋ
ensp; U+02002
Eogon; U+00118 Ę
eogon; U+00119 ę
Eopf; U+1D53C 𝔼
eopf; U+1D556 𝕖
epar; U+022D5 ⋕
eparsl; U+029E3 ⧣
eplus; U+02A71 ⩱
epsi; U+003B5 ε
Epsilon; U+00395 Ε
epsilon; U+003B5 ε
epsiv; U+003F5 ϵ
eqcirc; U+02256 ≖
eqcolon; U+02255 ≕
eqsim; U+02242 ≂
eqslantgtr; U+02A96 ⪖
eqslantless; U+02A95 ⪕
Equal; U+02A75 ⩵
equals; U+0003D =
EqualTilde; U+02242 ≂
equest; U+0225F ≟
Equilibrium; U+021CC ⇌
equiv; U+02261
equivDD; U+02A78 ⩸
eqvparsl; U+029E5 ⧥
erarr; U+02971 ⥱
erDot; U+02253 ≓
Escr; U+02130 ℰ
escr; U+0212F ℯ
esdot; U+02250 ≐
Esim; U+02A73 ⩳
esim; U+02242 ≂
Eta; U+00397 Η
eta; U+003B7 η
ETH; U+000D0 Ð
ETH U+000D0 Ð
eth; U+000F0 ð
eth U+000F0 ð
Euml; U+000CB Ë
Euml U+000CB Ë
euml; U+000EB ë
euml U+000EB ë
euro; U+020AC
excl; U+00021 !
exist; U+02203
Exists; U+02203
expectation; U+02130 ℰ
ExponentialE; U+02147 ⅇ
exponentiale; U+02147 ⅇ
fallingdotseq; U+02252 ≒
Fcy; U+00424 Ф
fcy; U+00444 ф
female; U+02640 ♀
ffilig; U+0FB03 ffi
fflig; U+0FB00 ff
ffllig; U+0FB04 ffl
Ffr; U+1D509 𝔉
ffr; U+1D523 𝔣
filig; U+0FB01 fi
FilledSmallSquare; U+025FC ◼
FilledVerySmallSquare; U+025AA ▪
fjlig; U+00066 U+0006A fj
flat; U+0266D ♭
fllig; U+0FB02 fl
fltns; U+025B1 ▱
fnof; U+00192 ƒ
Fopf; U+1D53D 𝔽
fopf; U+1D557 𝕗
ForAll; U+02200
forall; U+02200
fork; U+022D4 ⋔
forkv; U+02AD9 ⫙
Fouriertrf; U+02131 ℱ
fpartint; U+02A0D ⨍
frac12; U+000BD ½
frac12 U+000BD ½
frac13; U+02153 ⅓
frac14; U+000BC ¼
frac14 U+000BC ¼
frac15; U+02155 ⅕
frac16; U+02159 ⅙
frac18; U+0215B ⅛
frac23; U+02154 ⅔
frac25; U+02156 ⅖
frac34; U+000BE ¾
frac34 U+000BE ¾
frac35; U+02157 ⅗
frac38; U+0215C ⅜
frac45; U+02158 ⅘
frac56; U+0215A ⅚
frac58; U+0215D ⅝
frac78; U+0215E ⅞
frasl; U+02044
frown; U+02322 ⌢
Fscr; U+02131 ℱ
fscr; U+1D4BB 𝒻
gacute; U+001F5 ǵ
Gamma; U+00393 Γ
gamma; U+003B3 γ
Gammad; U+003DC Ϝ
gammad; U+003DD ϝ
gap; U+02A86 ⪆
Gbreve; U+0011E Ğ
gbreve; U+0011F ğ
Gcedil; U+00122 Ģ
Gcirc; U+0011C Ĝ
gcirc; U+0011D ĝ
Gcy; U+00413 Г
gcy; U+00433 г
Gdot; U+00120 Ġ
gdot; U+00121 ġ
gE; U+02267 ≧
ge; U+02265
gEl; U+02A8C ⪌
gel; U+022DB ⋛
geq; U+02265
geqq; U+02267 ≧
geqslant; U+02A7E ⩾
ges; U+02A7E ⩾
gescc; U+02AA9 ⪩
gesdot; U+02A80 ⪀
gesdoto; U+02A82 ⪂
gesdotol; U+02A84 ⪄
gesl; U+022DB U+0FE00 ⋛︀
gesles; U+02A94 ⪔
Gfr; U+1D50A 𝔊
gfr; U+1D524 𝔤
Gg; U+022D9 ⋙
gg; U+0226B ≫
ggg; U+022D9 ⋙
gimel; U+02137 ℷ
GJcy; U+00403 Ѓ
gjcy; U+00453 ѓ
gl; U+02277 ≷
gla; U+02AA5 ⪥
glE; U+02A92 ⪒
glj; U+02AA4 ⪤
gnap; U+02A8A ⪊
gnapprox; U+02A8A ⪊
gnE; U+02269 ≩
gne; U+02A88 ⪈
gneq; U+02A88 ⪈
gneqq; U+02269 ≩
gnsim; U+022E7 ⋧
Gopf; U+1D53E 𝔾
gopf; U+1D558 𝕘
grave; U+00060 `
GreaterEqual; U+02265
GreaterEqualLess; U+022DB ⋛
GreaterFullEqual; U+02267 ≧
GreaterGreater; U+02AA2 ⪢
GreaterLess; U+02277 ≷
GreaterSlantEqual; U+02A7E ⩾
GreaterTilde; U+02273 ≳
Gscr; U+1D4A2 𝒢
gscr; U+0210A ℊ
gsim; U+02273 ≳
gsime; U+02A8E ⪎
gsiml; U+02A90 ⪐
GT; U+0003E >
GT U+0003E >
Gt; U+0226B ≫
gt; U+0003E >
gt U+0003E >
gtcc; U+02AA7 ⪧
gtcir; U+02A7A ⩺
gtdot; U+022D7 ⋗
gtlPar; U+02995 ⦕
gtquest; U+02A7C ⩼
gtrapprox; U+02A86 ⪆
gtrarr; U+02978 ⥸
gtrdot; U+022D7 ⋗
gtreqless; U+022DB ⋛
gtreqqless; U+02A8C ⪌
gtrless; U+02277 ≷
gtrsim; U+02273 ≳
gvertneqq; U+02269 U+0FE00 ≩︀
gvnE; U+02269 U+0FE00 ≩︀
Hacek; U+002C7 ˇ
hairsp; U+0200A  
half; U+000BD ½
hamilt; U+0210B ℋ
HARDcy; U+0042A Ъ
hardcy; U+0044A ъ
hArr; U+021D4 ⇔
harr; U+02194 ↔
harrcir; U+02948 ⥈
harrw; U+021AD ↭
Hat; U+0005E ^
hbar; U+0210F ℏ
Hcirc; U+00124 Ĥ
hcirc; U+00125 ĥ
hearts; U+02665
heartsuit; U+02665
hellip; U+02026 …
hercon; U+022B9 ⊹
Hfr; U+0210C ℌ
hfr; U+1D525 𝔥
HilbertSpace; U+0210B ℋ
hksearow; U+02925 ⤥
hkswarow; U+02926 ⤦
hoarr; U+021FF ⇿
homtht; U+0223B ∻
hookleftarrow; U+021A9 ↩
hookrightarrow; U+021AA ↪
Hopf; U+0210D ℍ
hopf; U+1D559 𝕙
horbar; U+02015 ―
HorizontalLine; U+02500 ─
Hscr; U+0210B ℋ
hscr; U+1D4BD 𝒽
hslash; U+0210F ℏ
Hstrok; U+00126 Ħ
hstrok; U+00127 ħ
HumpDownHump; U+0224E ≎
HumpEqual; U+0224F ≏
hybull; U+02043 ⁃
hyphen; U+02010 ‐
Iacute; U+000CD Í
Iacute U+000CD Í
iacute; U+000ED í
iacute U+000ED í
ic; U+02063 ⁣
Icirc; U+000CE Î
Icirc U+000CE Î
icirc; U+000EE î
icirc U+000EE î
Icy; U+00418 И
icy; U+00438 и
Idot; U+00130 İ
IEcy; U+00415 Е
iecy; U+00435 е
iexcl; U+000A1 ¡
iexcl U+000A1 ¡
iff; U+021D4 ⇔
Ifr; U+02111
ifr; U+1D526 𝔦
Igrave; U+000CC Ì
Igrave U+000CC Ì
igrave; U+000EC ì
igrave U+000EC ì
ii; U+02148 ⅈ
iiiint; U+02A0C ⨌
iiint; U+0222D ∭
iinfin; U+029DC ⧜
iiota; U+02129 ℩
IJlig; U+00132 IJ
ijlig; U+00133 ij
Im; U+02111
Imacr; U+0012A Ī
imacr; U+0012B ī
image; U+02111
ImaginaryI; U+02148 ⅈ
imagline; U+02110 ℐ
imagpart; U+02111
imath; U+00131 ı
imof; U+022B7 ⊷
imped; U+001B5 Ƶ
Implies; U+021D2 ⇒
in; U+02208 ∈
incare; U+02105 ℅
infin; U+0221E
infintie; U+029DD ⧝
inodot; U+00131 ı
Int; U+0222C ∬
int; U+0222B
intcal; U+022BA ⊺
integers; U+02124 ℤ
Integral; U+0222B
intercal; U+022BA ⊺
Intersection; U+022C2 ⋂
intlarhk; U+02A17 ⨗
intprod; U+02A3C ⨼
InvisibleComma; U+02063 ⁣
InvisibleTimes; U+02062 ⁢
IOcy; U+00401 Ё
iocy; U+00451 ё
Iogon; U+0012E Į
iogon; U+0012F į
Iopf; U+1D540 𝕀
iopf; U+1D55A 𝕚
Iota; U+00399 Ι
iota; U+003B9 ι
iprod; U+02A3C ⨼
iquest; U+000BF ¿
iquest U+000BF ¿
Iscr; U+02110 ℐ
iscr; U+1D4BE 𝒾
isin; U+02208 ∈
isindot; U+022F5 ⋵
isinE; U+022F9 ⋹
isins; U+022F4 ⋴
isinsv; U+022F3 ⋳
isinv; U+02208 ∈
it; U+02062 ⁢
Itilde; U+00128 Ĩ
itilde; U+00129 ĩ
Iukcy; U+00406 І
iukcy; U+00456 і
Iuml; U+000CF Ï
Iuml U+000CF Ï
iuml; U+000EF ï
iuml U+000EF ï
Jcirc; U+00134 Ĵ
jcirc; U+00135 ĵ
Jcy; U+00419 Й
jcy; U+00439 й
Jfr; U+1D50D 𝔍
jfr; U+1D527 𝔧
jmath; U+00237 ȷ
Jopf; U+1D541 𝕁
jopf; U+1D55B 𝕛
Jscr; U+1D4A5 𝒥
jscr; U+1D4BF 𝒿
Jsercy; U+00408 Ј
jsercy; U+00458 ј
Jukcy; U+00404 Є
jukcy; U+00454 є
Kappa; U+0039A Κ
kappa; U+003BA κ
kappav; U+003F0 ϰ
Kcedil; U+00136 Ķ
kcedil; U+00137 ķ
Kcy; U+0041A К
kcy; U+0043A к
Kfr; U+1D50E 𝔎
kfr; U+1D528 𝔨
kgreen; U+00138 ĸ
KHcy; U+00425 Х
khcy; U+00445 х
KJcy; U+0040C Ќ
kjcy; U+0045C ќ
Kopf; U+1D542 𝕂
kopf; U+1D55C 𝕜
Kscr; U+1D4A6 𝒦
kscr; U+1D4C0 𝓀
lAarr; U+021DA ⇚
Lacute; U+00139 Ĺ
lacute; U+0013A ĺ
laemptyv; U+029B4 ⦴
lagran; U+02112 ℒ
Lambda; U+0039B Λ
lambda; U+003BB λ
Lang; U+027EA ⟪
lang; U+027E8
langd; U+02991 ⦑
langle; U+027E8
lap; U+02A85 ⪅
Laplacetrf; U+02112 ℒ
laquo; U+000AB «
laquo U+000AB «
Larr; U+0219E ↞
lArr; U+021D0
larr; U+02190 ←
larrb; U+021E4 ⇤
larrbfs; U+0291F ⤟
larrfs; U+0291D ⤝
larrhk; U+021A9 ↩
larrlp; U+021AB ↫
larrpl; U+02939 ⤹
larrsim; U+02973 ⥳
larrtl; U+021A2 ↢
lat; U+02AAB ⪫
lAtail; U+0291B ⤛
latail; U+02919 ⤙
late; U+02AAD ⪭
lates; U+02AAD U+0FE00 ⪭︀
lBarr; U+0290E ⤎
lbarr; U+0290C ⤌
lbbrk; U+02772 ❲
lbrace; U+0007B {
lbrack; U+0005B [
lbrke; U+0298B ⦋
lbrksld; U+0298F ⦏
lbrkslu; U+0298D ⦍
Lcaron; U+0013D Ľ
lcaron; U+0013E ľ
Lcedil; U+0013B Ļ
lcedil; U+0013C ļ
lceil; U+02308
lcub; U+0007B {
Lcy; U+0041B Л
lcy; U+0043B л
ldca; U+02936 ⤶
ldquo; U+0201C
ldquor; U+0201E „
ldrdhar; U+02967 ⥧
ldrushar; U+0294B ⥋
ldsh; U+021B2 ↲
lE; U+02266 ≦
le; U+02264
LeftAngleBracket; U+027E8
LeftArrow; U+02190 ←
Leftarrow; U+021D0
leftarrow; U+02190 ←
LeftArrowBar; U+021E4 ⇤
LeftArrowRightArrow; U+021C6 ⇆
leftarrowtail; U+021A2 ↢
LeftCeiling; U+02308
LeftDoubleBracket; U+027E6 ⟦
LeftDownTeeVector; U+02961 ⥡
LeftDownVector; U+021C3 ⇃
LeftDownVectorBar; U+02959 ⥙
LeftFloor; U+0230A
leftharpoondown; U+021BD ↽
leftharpoonup; U+021BC ↼
leftleftarrows; U+021C7 ⇇
LeftRightArrow; U+02194 ↔
Leftrightarrow; U+021D4 ⇔
leftrightarrow; U+02194 ↔
leftrightarrows; U+021C6 ⇆
leftrightharpoons; U+021CB ⇋
leftrightsquigarrow; U+021AD ↭
LeftRightVector; U+0294E ⥎
LeftTee; U+022A3 ⊣
LeftTeeArrow; U+021A4 ↤
LeftTeeVector; U+0295A ⥚
leftthreetimes; U+022CB ⋋
LeftTriangle; U+022B2 ⊲
LeftTriangleBar; U+029CF ⧏
LeftTriangleEqual; U+022B4 ⊴
LeftUpDownVector; U+02951 ⥑
LeftUpTeeVector; U+02960 ⥠
LeftUpVector; U+021BF ↿
LeftUpVectorBar; U+02958 ⥘
LeftVector; U+021BC ↼
LeftVectorBar; U+02952 ⥒
lEg; U+02A8B ⪋
leg; U+022DA ⋚
leq; U+02264
leqq; U+02266 ≦
leqslant; U+02A7D ⩽
les; U+02A7D ⩽
lescc; U+02AA8 ⪨
lesdot; U+02A7F ⩿
lesdoto; U+02A81 ⪁
lesdotor; U+02A83 ⪃
lesg; U+022DA U+0FE00 ⋚︀
lesges; U+02A93 ⪓
lessapprox; U+02A85 ⪅
lessdot; U+022D6 ⋖
lesseqgtr; U+022DA ⋚
lesseqqgtr; U+02A8B ⪋
LessEqualGreater; U+022DA ⋚
LessFullEqual; U+02266 ≦
LessGreater; U+02276 ≶
lessgtr; U+02276 ≶
LessLess; U+02AA1 ⪡
lesssim; U+02272 ≲
LessSlantEqual; U+02A7D ⩽
LessTilde; U+02272 ≲
lfisht; U+0297C ⥼
lfloor; U+0230A
Lfr; U+1D50F 𝔏
lfr; U+1D529 𝔩
lg; U+02276 ≶
lgE; U+02A91 ⪑
lHar; U+02962 ⥢
lhard; U+021BD ↽
lharu; U+021BC ↼
lharul; U+0296A ⥪
lhblk; U+02584 ▄
LJcy; U+00409 Љ
ljcy; U+00459 љ
Ll; U+022D8 ⋘
ll; U+0226A ≪
llarr; U+021C7 ⇇
llcorner; U+0231E ⌞
Lleftarrow; U+021DA ⇚
llhard; U+0296B ⥫
lltri; U+025FA ◺
Lmidot; U+0013F Ŀ
lmidot; U+00140 ŀ
lmoust; U+023B0 ⎰
lmoustache; U+023B0 ⎰
lnap; U+02A89 ⪉
lnapprox; U+02A89 ⪉
lnE; U+02268 ≨
lne; U+02A87 ⪇
lneq; U+02A87 ⪇
lneqq; U+02268 ≨
lnsim; U+022E6 ⋦
loang; U+027EC ⟬
loarr; U+021FD ⇽
lobrk; U+027E6 ⟦
LongLeftArrow; U+027F5 ⟵
Longleftarrow; U+027F8 ⟸
longleftarrow; U+027F5 ⟵
LongLeftRightArrow; U+027F7 ⟷
Longleftrightarrow; U+027FA ⟺
longleftrightarrow; U+027F7 ⟷
longmapsto; U+027FC ⟼
LongRightArrow; U+027F6 ⟶
Longrightarrow; U+027F9 ⟹
longrightarrow; U+027F6 ⟶
looparrowleft; U+021AB ↫
looparrowright; U+021AC ↬
lopar; U+02985 ⦅
Lopf; U+1D543 𝕃
lopf; U+1D55D 𝕝
loplus; U+02A2D ⨭
lotimes; U+02A34 ⨴
lowast; U+02217
lowbar; U+0005F _
LowerLeftArrow; U+02199 ↙
LowerRightArrow; U+02198 ↘
loz; U+025CA ◊
lozenge; U+025CA ◊
lozf; U+029EB ⧫
lpar; U+00028 (
lparlt; U+02993 ⦓
lrarr; U+021C6 ⇆
lrcorner; U+0231F ⌟
lrhar; U+021CB ⇋
lrhard; U+0296D ⥭
lrm; U+0200E
lrtri; U+022BF ⊿
lsaquo; U+02039
Lscr; U+02112 ℒ
lscr; U+1D4C1 𝓁
Lsh; U+021B0 ↰
lsh; U+021B0 ↰
lsim; U+02272 ≲
lsime; U+02A8D ⪍
lsimg; U+02A8F ⪏
lsqb; U+0005B [
lsquo; U+02018
lsquor; U+0201A
Lstrok; U+00141 Ł
lstrok; U+00142 ł
LT; U+0003C <
LT U+0003C <
Lt; U+0226A &ll;
lt; U+0003C <
lt U+0003C <
ltcc; U+02AA6 &ltcc;
ltcir; U+02A79 &ltcir;
ltdot; U+022D6 &lessdot;
lthree; U+022CB &lthree;
ltimes; U+022C9 &ltimes;
ltlarr; U+02976 &ltlarr;
ltquest; U+02A7B &ltquest;
ltri; U+025C3 &triangleleft;
ltrie; U+022B4 &ltrie;
ltrif; U+025C2 &blacktriangleleft;
ltrPar; U+02996 &ltrPar;
lurdshar; U+0294A &lurdshar;
luruhar; U+02966 &luruhar;
lvertneqq; U+02268 U+0FE00 &lneqq;︀
lvnE; U+02268 U+0FE00 &lneqq;︀
macr; U+000AF &strns;
macr U+000AF &strns;
male; U+02642 &male;
malt; U+02720 &malt;
maltese; U+02720 &malt;
Map; U+02905 &Map;
map; U+021A6 &mapsto;
mapsto; U+021A6 &mapsto;
mapstodown; U+021A7 &mapstodown;
mapstoleft; U+021A4 &mapstoleft;
mapstoup; U+021A5 &mapstoup;
marker; U+025AE &marker;
mcomma; U+02A29 &mcomma;
Mcy; U+0041C &Mcy;
mcy; U+0043C &mcy;
mdash; U+02014
mDDot; U+0223A &mDDot;
measuredangle; U+02221 &angmsd;
MediumSpace; U+0205F &MediumSpace;
Mellintrf; U+02133 &phmmat;
Mfr; U+1D510 &Mfr;
mfr; U+1D52A &mfr;
mho; U+02127 &mho;
micro; U+000B5 µ
micro U+000B5 µ
mid; U+02223 &mid;
midast; U+0002A *
midcir; U+02AF0 &midcir;
middot; U+000B7 ·
middot U+000B7 ·
minus; U+02212
minusb; U+0229F &minusb;
minusd; U+02238 &dotminus;
minusdu; U+02A2A &minusdu;
MinusPlus; U+02213 &mp;
mlcp; U+02ADB &mlcp;
mldr; U+02026 &mldr;
mnplus; U+02213 &mp;
models; U+022A7 &models;
Mopf; U+1D544 &Mopf;
mopf; U+1D55E &mopf;
mp; U+02213 &mp;
Mscr; U+02133 &phmmat;
mscr; U+1D4C2 &mscr;
mstpos; U+0223E &ac;
Mu; U+0039C Μ
mu; U+003BC μ
multimap; U+022B8 &multimap;
mumap; U+022B8 &multimap;
nabla; U+02207
Nacute; U+00143 &Nacute;
nacute; U+00144 &nacute;
nang; U+02220 U+020D2 &angle;⃒
nap; U+02249 &nap;
napE; U+02A70 U+00338 &apE;̸
napid; U+0224B U+00338 &apid;̸
napos; U+00149 &napos;
napprox; U+02249 &nap;
natur; U+0266E &natural;
natural; U+0266E &natural;
naturals; U+02115 &naturals;
nbsp; U+000A0  
nbsp U+000A0  
nbump; U+0224E U+00338 &bump;̸
nbumpe; U+0224F U+00338 &bumpeq;̸
ncap; U+02A43 &ncap;
Ncaron; U+00147 &Ncaron;
ncaron; U+00148 &ncaron;
Ncedil; U+00145 &Ncedil;
ncedil; U+00146 &ncedil;
ncong; U+02247 &ncong;
ncongdot; U+02A6D U+00338 &congdot;̸
ncup; U+02A42 &ncup;
Ncy; U+0041D &Ncy;
ncy; U+0043D &ncy;
ndash; U+02013
ne; U+02260
nearhk; U+02924 &nearhk;
neArr; U+021D7 &neArr;
nearr; U+02197 &nearrow;
nearrow; U+02197 &nearrow;
nedot; U+02250 U+00338 &esdot;̸
NegativeMediumSpace; U+0200B &NegativeThickSpace;
NegativeThickSpace; U+0200B &NegativeThickSpace;
NegativeThinSpace; U+0200B &NegativeThickSpace;
NegativeVeryThinSpace; U+0200B &NegativeThickSpace;
nequiv; U+02262 &nequiv;
nesear; U+02928 &toea;
nesim; U+02242 U+00338 &esim;̸
NestedGreaterGreater; U+0226B &gg;
NestedLessLess; U+0226A &ll;
NewLine; U+0000A
nexist; U+02204 &nexists;
nexists; U+02204 &nexists;
Nfr; U+1D511 &Nfr;
nfr; U+1D52B &nfr;
ngE; U+02267 U+00338 &geqq;̸
nge; U+02271 &ngeq;
ngeq; U+02271 &ngeq;
ngeqq; U+02267 U+00338 &geqq;̸
ngeqslant; U+02A7E U+00338 &ges;̸
nges; U+02A7E U+00338 &ges;̸
nGg; U+022D9 U+00338 &ggg;̸
ngsim; U+02275 &ngsim;
nGt; U+0226B U+020D2 &gg;⃒
ngt; U+0226F &ngt;
ngtr; U+0226F &ngt;
nGtv; U+0226B U+00338 &gg;̸
nhArr; U+021CE &nhArr;
nharr; U+021AE &nharr;
nhpar; U+02AF2 &nhpar;
ni; U+0220B &niv;
nis; U+022FC &nis;
nisd; U+022FA &nisd;
niv; U+0220B &niv;
NJcy; U+0040A &NJcy;
njcy; U+0045A &njcy;
nlArr; U+021CD &nlArr;
nlarr; U+0219A &nlarr;
nldr; U+02025 &nldr;
nlE; U+02266 U+00338 &leqq;̸
nle; U+02270 &nle;
nLeftarrow; U+021CD &nlArr;
nleftarrow; U+0219A &nlarr;
nLeftrightarrow; U+021CE &nhArr;
nleftrightarrow; U+021AE &nharr;
nleq; U+02270 &nle;
nleqq; U+02266 U+00338 &leqq;̸
nleqslant; U+02A7D U+00338 &les;̸
nles; U+02A7D U+00338 &les;̸
nless; U+0226E &nless;
nLl; U+022D8 U+00338 &Ll;̸
nlsim; U+02274 &nlsim;
nLt; U+0226A U+020D2 &ll;⃒
nlt; U+0226E &nless;
nltri; U+022EA &nltri;
nltrie; U+022EC &nltrie;
nLtv; U+0226A U+00338 &ll;̸
nmid; U+02224 &nmid;
NoBreak; U+02060 &NoBreak;
NonBreakingSpace; U+000A0  
Nopf; U+02115 &naturals;
nopf; U+1D55F &nopf;
Not; U+02AEC &Not;
not; U+000AC ¬
not U+000AC ¬
NotCongruent; U+02262 &nequiv;
NotCupCap; U+0226D &NotCupCap;
NotDoubleVerticalBar; U+02226 &nspar;
NotElement; U+02209 &notinva;
NotEqual; U+02260
NotEqualTilde; U+02242 U+00338 &esim;̸
NotExists; U+02204 &nexists;
NotGreater; U+0226F &ngt;
NotGreaterEqual; U+02271 &ngeq;
NotGreaterFullEqual; U+02267 U+00338 &geqq;̸
NotGreaterGreater; U+0226B U+00338 &gg;̸
NotGreaterLess; U+02279 &ntgl;
NotGreaterSlantEqual; U+02A7E U+00338 &ges;̸
NotGreaterTilde; U+02275 &ngsim;
NotHumpDownHump; U+0224E U+00338 &bump;̸
NotHumpEqual; U+0224F U+00338 &bumpeq;̸
notin; U+02209 &notinva;
notindot; U+022F5 U+00338 &isindot;̸
notinE; U+022F9 U+00338 &isinE;̸
notinva; U+02209 &notinva;
notinvb; U+022F7 &notinvb;
notinvc; U+022F6 &notinvc;
NotLeftTriangle; U+022EA &nltri;
NotLeftTriangleBar; U+029CF U+00338 &LeftTriangleBar;̸
NotLeftTriangleEqual; U+022EC &nltrie;
NotLess; U+0226E &nless;
NotLessEqual; U+02270 &nle;
NotLessGreater; U+02278 &ntlg;
NotLessLess; U+0226A U+00338 &ll;̸
NotLessSlantEqual; U+02A7D U+00338 &les;̸
NotLessTilde; U+02274 &nlsim;
NotNestedGreaterGreater; U+02AA2 U+00338 &GreaterGreater;̸
NotNestedLessLess; U+02AA1 U+00338 &LessLess;̸
notni; U+0220C &notni;
notniva; U+0220C &notni;
notnivb; U+022FE &notnivb;
notnivc; U+022FD &notnivc;
NotPrecedes; U+02280 &nprec;
NotPrecedesEqual; U+02AAF U+00338 &pre;̸
NotPrecedesSlantEqual; U+022E0 &nprcue;
NotReverseElement; U+0220C &notni;
NotRightTriangle; U+022EB &ntriangleright;
NotRightTriangleBar; U+029D0 U+00338 &RightTriangleBar;̸
NotRightTriangleEqual; U+022ED &nrtrie;
NotSquareSubset; U+0228F U+00338 &sqsub;̸
NotSquareSubsetEqual; U+022E2 &nsqsube;
NotSquareSuperset; U+02290 U+00338 &sqsupset;̸
NotSquareSupersetEqual; U+022E3 &nsqsupe;
NotSubset; U+02282 U+020D2 ⊂⃒
NotSubsetEqual; U+02288 &nsube;
NotSucceeds; U+02281 &nsc;
NotSucceedsEqual; U+02AB0 U+00338 &succeq;̸
NotSucceedsSlantEqual; U+022E1 &nsccue;
NotSucceedsTilde; U+0227F U+00338 &scsim;̸
NotSuperset; U+02283 U+020D2 ⊃⃒
NotSupersetEqual; U+02289 &nsupseteq;
NotTilde; U+02241 &nsim;
NotTildeEqual; U+02244 &nsimeq;
NotTildeFullEqual; U+02247 &ncong;
NotTildeTilde; U+02249 &nap;
NotVerticalBar; U+02224 &nmid;
npar; U+02226 &nspar;
nparallel; U+02226 &nspar;
nparsl; U+02AFD U+020E5 &parsl;⃥
npart; U+02202 U+00338 ∂̸
npolint; U+02A14 &npolint;
npr; U+02280 &nprec;
nprcue; U+022E0 &nprcue;
npre; U+02AAF U+00338 &pre;̸
nprec; U+02280 &nprec;
npreceq; U+02AAF U+00338 &pre;̸
nrArr; U+021CF &nrArr;
nrarr; U+0219B &nrarr;
nrarrc; U+02933 U+00338 &rarrc;̸
nrarrw; U+0219D U+00338 &rightsquigarrow;̸
nRightarrow; U+021CF &nrArr;
nrightarrow; U+0219B &nrarr;
nrtri; U+022EB &ntriangleright;
nrtrie; U+022ED &nrtrie;
nsc; U+02281 &nsc;
nsccue; U+022E1 &nsccue;
nsce; U+02AB0 U+00338 &succeq;̸
Nscr; U+1D4A9 &Nscr;
nscr; U+1D4C3 &nscr;
nshortmid; U+02224 &nmid;
nshortparallel; U+02226 &nspar;
nsim; U+02241 &nsim;
nsime; U+02244 &nsimeq;
nsimeq; U+02244 &nsimeq;
nsmid; U+02224 &nmid;
nspar; U+02226 &nspar;
nsqsube; U+022E2 &nsqsube;
nsqsupe; U+022E3 &nsqsupe;
nsub; U+02284
nsubE; U+02AC5 U+00338 &subseteqq;̸
nsube; U+02288 &nsube;
nsubset; U+02282 U+020D2 ⊂⃒
nsubseteq; U+02288 &nsube;
nsubseteqq; U+02AC5 U+00338 &subseteqq;̸
nsucc; U+02281 &nsc;
nsucceq; U+02AB0 U+00338 &succeq;̸
nsup; U+02285 &nsup;
nsupE; U+02AC6 U+00338 &supseteqq;̸
nsupe; U+02289 &nsupseteq;
nsupset; U+02283 U+020D2 ⊃⃒
nsupseteq; U+02289 &nsupseteq;
nsupseteqq; U+02AC6 U+00338 &supseteqq;̸
ntgl; U+02279 &ntgl;
Ntilde; U+000D1 Ñ
Ntilde U+000D1 Ñ
ntilde; U+000F1 ñ
ntilde U+000F1 ñ
ntlg; U+02278 &ntlg;
ntriangleleft; U+022EA &nltri;
ntrianglelefteq; U+022EC &nltrie;
ntriangleright; U+022EB &ntriangleright;
ntrianglerighteq; U+022ED &nrtrie;
Nu; U+0039D Ν
nu; U+003BD ν
num; U+00023 #
numero; U+02116 &numero;
numsp; U+02007 &numsp;
nvap; U+0224D U+020D2 &asympeq;⃒
nVDash; U+022AF &nVDash;
nVdash; U+022AE &nVdash;
nvDash; U+022AD &nvDash;
nvdash; U+022AC &nvdash;
nvge; U+02265 U+020D2 ≥⃒
nvgt; U+0003E U+020D2 >⃒
nvHarr; U+02904 &nvHarr;
nvinfin; U+029DE &nvinfin;
nvlArr; U+02902 &nvlArr;
nvle; U+02264 U+020D2 ≤⃒
nvlt; U+0003C U+020D2 <⃒
nvltrie; U+022B4 U+020D2 &ltrie;⃒
nvrArr; U+02903 &nvrArr;
nvrtrie; U+022B5 U+020D2 &rtrie;⃒
nvsim; U+0223C U+020D2 ∼⃒
nwarhk; U+02923 &nwarhk;
nwArr; U+021D6 &nwArr;
nwarr; U+02196 &nwarrow;
nwarrow; U+02196 &nwarrow;
nwnear; U+02927 &nwnear;
Oacute; U+000D3 Ó
Oacute U+000D3 Ó
oacute; U+000F3 ó
oacute U+000F3 ó
oast; U+0229B &oast;
ocir; U+0229A &ocir;
Ocirc; U+000D4 Ô
Ocirc U+000D4 Ô
ocirc; U+000F4 ô
ocirc U+000F4 ô
Ocy; U+0041E &Ocy;
ocy; U+0043E &ocy;
odash; U+0229D &circleddash;
Odblac; U+00150 &Odblac;
odblac; U+00151 &odblac;
odiv; U+02A38 &odiv;
odot; U+02299 &odot;
odsold; U+029BC &odsold;
OElig; U+00152 Œ
oelig; U+00153 œ
ofcir; U+029BF &ofcir;
Ofr; U+1D512 &Ofr;
ofr; U+1D52C &ofr;
ogon; U+002DB &ogon;
Ograve; U+000D2 Ò
Ograve U+000D2 Ò
ograve; U+000F2 ò
ograve U+000F2 ò
ogt; U+029C1 &ogt;
ohbar; U+029B5 &ohbar;
ohm; U+003A9 &ohm;
oint; U+0222E &conint;
olarr; U+021BA &olarr;
olcir; U+029BE &olcir;
olcross; U+029BB &olcross;
oline; U+0203E
olt; U+029C0 &olt;
Omacr; U+0014C &Omacr;
omacr; U+0014D &omacr;
Omega; U+003A9 &ohm;
omega; U+003C9 ω
Omicron; U+0039F Ο
omicron; U+003BF ο
omid; U+029B6 &omid;
ominus; U+02296 &ominus;
Oopf; U+1D546 &Oopf;
oopf; U+1D560 &oopf;
opar; U+029B7 &opar;
OpenCurlyDoubleQuote; U+0201C
OpenCurlyQuote; U+02018
operp; U+029B9 &operp;
oplus; U+02295
Or; U+02A54 &Or;
or; U+02228 &vee;
orarr; U+021BB &orarr;
ord; U+02A5D &ord;
order; U+02134 &oscr;
orderof; U+02134 &oscr;
ordf; U+000AA ª
ordf U+000AA ª
ordm; U+000BA º
ordm U+000BA º
origof; U+022B6 &origof;
oror; U+02A56 &oror;
orslope; U+02A57 &orslope;
orv; U+02A5B &orv;
oS; U+024C8 &oS;
Oscr; U+1D4AA &Oscr;
oscr; U+02134 &oscr;
Oslash; U+000D8 Ø
Oslash U+000D8 Ø
oslash; U+000F8 ø
oslash U+000F8 ø
osol; U+02298 &osol;
Otilde; U+000D5 Õ
Otilde U+000D5 Õ
otilde; U+000F5 õ
otilde U+000F5 õ
Otimes; U+02A37 &Otimes;
otimes; U+02297
otimesas; U+02A36 &otimesas;
Ouml; U+000D6 Ö
Ouml U+000D6 Ö
ouml; U+000F6 ö
ouml U+000F6 ö
ovbar; U+0233D &ovbar;
OverBar; U+0203E
OverBrace; U+023DE &OverBrace;
OverBracket; U+023B4 &tbrk;
OverParenthesis; U+023DC &OverParenthesis;
par; U+02225 &spar;
para; U+000B6
para U+000B6
parallel; U+02225 &spar;
parsim; U+02AF3 &parsim;
parsl; U+02AFD &parsl;
part; U+02202
PartialD; U+02202
Pcy; U+0041F &Pcy;
pcy; U+0043F &pcy;
percnt; U+00025 %
period; U+0002E .
permil; U+02030
perp; U+022A5 &bottom;
pertenk; U+02031 &pertenk;
Pfr; U+1D513 &Pfr;
pfr; U+1D52D &pfr;
Phi; U+003A6 Φ
phi; U+003C6 φ
phiv; U+003D5 &phiv;
phmmat; U+02133 &phmmat;
phone; U+0260E &phone;
Pi; U+003A0 Π
pi; U+003C0 π
pitchfork; U+022D4 &fork;
piv; U+003D6 &varpi;
planck; U+0210F &hslash;
planckh; U+0210E &planckh;
plankv; U+0210F &hslash;
plus; U+0002B +
plusacir; U+02A23 &plusacir;
plusb; U+0229E &boxplus;
pluscir; U+02A22 &pluscir;
plusdo; U+02214 &dotplus;
plusdu; U+02A25 &plusdu;
pluse; U+02A72 &pluse;
PlusMinus; U+000B1 ±
plusmn; U+000B1 ±
plusmn U+000B1 ±
plussim; U+02A26 &plussim;
plustwo; U+02A27 &plustwo;
pm; U+000B1 ±
Poincareplane; U+0210C &Hfr;
pointint; U+02A15 &pointint;
Popf; U+02119 &primes;
popf; U+1D561 &popf;
pound; U+000A3 £
pound U+000A3 £
Pr; U+02ABB &Pr;
pr; U+0227A &pr;
prap; U+02AB7 &prap;
prcue; U+0227C &preccurlyeq;
prE; U+02AB3 &prE;
pre; U+02AAF &pre;
prec; U+0227A &pr;
precapprox; U+02AB7 &prap;
preccurlyeq; U+0227C &preccurlyeq;
Precedes; U+0227A &pr;
PrecedesEqual; U+02AAF &pre;
PrecedesSlantEqual; U+0227C &preccurlyeq;
PrecedesTilde; U+0227E &prsim;
preceq; U+02AAF &pre;
precnapprox; U+02AB9 &prnap;
precneqq; U+02AB5 &precneqq;
precnsim; U+022E8 &prnsim;
precsim; U+0227E &prsim;
Prime; U+02033
prime; U+02032
primes; U+02119 &primes;
prnap; U+02AB9 &prnap;
prnE; U+02AB5 &precneqq;
prnsim; U+022E8 &prnsim;
prod; U+0220F
Product; U+0220F
profalar; U+0232E &profalar;
profline; U+02312 &profline;
profsurf; U+02313 &profsurf;
prop; U+0221D &propto;
Proportion; U+02237 &Colon;
Proportional; U+0221D &propto;
propto; U+0221D &propto;
prsim; U+0227E &prsim;
prurel; U+022B0 &prurel;
Pscr; U+1D4AB &Pscr;
pscr; U+1D4C5 &pscr;
Psi; U+003A8 Ψ
psi; U+003C8 ψ
puncsp; U+02008 &puncsp;
Qfr; U+1D514 &Qfr;
qfr; U+1D52E &qfr;
qint; U+02A0C &iiiint;
Qopf; U+0211A &rationals;
qopf; U+1D562 &qopf;
qprime; U+02057 &qprime;
Qscr; U+1D4AC &Qscr;
qscr; U+1D4C6 &qscr;
quaternions; U+0210D &quaternions;
quatint; U+02A16 &quatint;
quest; U+0003F ?
questeq; U+0225F &questeq;
QUOT; U+00022 "
QUOT U+00022 "
quot; U+00022 "
quot U+00022 "
rAarr; U+021DB &rAarr;
race; U+0223D U+00331 &backsim;̱
Racute; U+00154 &Racute;
racute; U+00155 &racute;
radic; U+0221A
raemptyv; U+029B3 &raemptyv;
Rang; U+027EB &Rang;
rang; U+027E9
rangd; U+02992 &rangd;
range; U+029A5 &range;
rangle; U+027E9
raquo; U+000BB »
raquo U+000BB »
Rarr; U+021A0 &twoheadrightarrow;
rArr; U+021D2 &Implies;
rarr; U+02192 &srarr;
rarrap; U+02975 &rarrap;
rarrb; U+021E5 &rarrb;
rarrbfs; U+02920 &rarrbfs;
rarrc; U+02933 &rarrc;
rarrfs; U+0291E &rarrfs;
rarrhk; U+021AA &hookrightarrow;
rarrlp; U+021AC &rarrlp;
rarrpl; U+02945 &rarrpl;
rarrsim; U+02974 &rarrsim;
Rarrtl; U+02916 &Rarrtl;
rarrtl; U+021A3 &rightarrowtail;
rarrw; U+0219D &rightsquigarrow;
rAtail; U+0291C &rAtail;
ratail; U+0291A &ratail;
ratio; U+02236 &ratio;
rationals; U+0211A &rationals;
RBarr; U+02910 &drbkarow;
rBarr; U+0290F &dbkarow;
rbarr; U+0290D &rbarr;
rbbrk; U+02773 &rbbrk;
rbrace; U+0007D }
rbrack; U+0005D ]
rbrke; U+0298C &rbrke;
rbrksld; U+0298E &rbrksld;
rbrkslu; U+02990 &rbrkslu;
Rcaron; U+00158 &Rcaron;
rcaron; U+00159 &rcaron;
Rcedil; U+00156 &Rcedil;
rcedil; U+00157 &rcedil;
rceil; U+02309
rcub; U+0007D }
Rcy; U+00420 &Rcy;
rcy; U+00440 &rcy;
rdca; U+02937 &rdca;
rdldhar; U+02969 &rdldhar;
rdquo; U+0201D
rdquor; U+0201D
rdsh; U+021B3 &rdsh;
Re; U+0211C &realpart;
real; U+0211C &realpart;
realine; U+0211B &realine;
realpart; U+0211C &realpart;
reals; U+0211D &reals;
rect; U+025AD &rect;
REG; U+000AE ®
REG U+000AE ®
reg; U+000AE ®
reg U+000AE ®
ReverseElement; U+0220B &niv;
ReverseEquilibrium; U+021CB &leftrightharpoons;
ReverseUpEquilibrium; U+0296F &duhar;
rfisht; U+0297D &rfisht;
rfloor; U+0230B
Rfr; U+0211C &realpart;
rfr; U+1D52F &rfr;
rHar; U+02964 &rHar;
rhard; U+021C1 &rhard;
rharu; U+021C0 &rharu;
rharul; U+0296C &rharul;
Rho; U+003A1 Ρ
rho; U+003C1 ρ
rhov; U+003F1 &rhov;
RightAngleBracket; U+027E9
RightArrow; U+02192 &srarr;
Rightarrow; U+021D2 &Implies;
rightarrow; U+02192 &srarr;
RightArrowBar; U+021E5 &rarrb;
RightArrowLeftArrow; U+021C4 &rlarr;
rightarrowtail; U+021A3 &rightarrowtail;
RightCeiling; U+02309
RightDoubleBracket; U+027E7 &robrk;
RightDownTeeVector; U+0295D &RightDownTeeVector;
RightDownVector; U+021C2 &dharr;
RightDownVectorBar; U+02955 &RightDownVectorBar;
RightFloor; U+0230B
rightharpoondown; U+021C1 &rhard;
rightharpoonup; U+021C0 &rharu;
rightleftarrows; U+021C4 &rlarr;
rightleftharpoons; U+021CC &rlhar;
rightrightarrows; U+021C9 &rightrightarrows;
rightsquigarrow; U+0219D &rightsquigarrow;
RightTee; U+022A2 &vdash;
RightTeeArrow; U+021A6 &mapsto;
RightTeeVector; U+0295B &RightTeeVector;
rightthreetimes; U+022CC &rightthreetimes;
RightTriangle; U+022B3 &vartriangleright;
RightTriangleBar; U+029D0 &RightTriangleBar;
RightTriangleEqual; U+022B5 &rtrie;
RightUpDownVector; U+0294F &RightUpDownVector;
RightUpTeeVector; U+0295C &RightUpTeeVector;
RightUpVector; U+021BE &upharpoonright;
RightUpVectorBar; U+02954 &RightUpVectorBar;
RightVector; U+021C0 &rharu;
RightVectorBar; U+02953 &RightVectorBar;
ring; U+002DA &ring;
risingdotseq; U+02253 &risingdotseq;
rlarr; U+021C4 &rlarr;
rlhar; U+021CC &rlhar;
rlm; U+0200F
rmoust; U+023B1 &rmoustache;
rmoustache; U+023B1 &rmoustache;
rnmid; U+02AEE &rnmid;
roang; U+027ED &roang;
roarr; U+021FE &roarr;
robrk; U+027E7 &robrk;
ropar; U+02986 &ropar;
Ropf; U+0211D &reals;
ropf; U+1D563 &ropf;
roplus; U+02A2E &roplus;
rotimes; U+02A35 &rotimes;
RoundImplies; U+02970 &RoundImplies;
rpar; U+00029 )
rpargt; U+02994 &rpargt;
rppolint; U+02A12 &rppolint;
rrarr; U+021C9 &rightrightarrows;
Rrightarrow; U+021DB &rAarr;
rsaquo; U+0203A
Rscr; U+0211B &realine;
rscr; U+1D4C7 &rscr;
Rsh; U+021B1 &rsh;
rsh; U+021B1 &rsh;
rsqb; U+0005D ]
rsquo; U+02019 &rsquor;
rsquor; U+02019 &rsquor;
rthree; U+022CC &rightthreetimes;
rtimes; U+022CA &rtimes;
rtri; U+025B9 &triangleright;
rtrie; U+022B5 &rtrie;
rtrif; U+025B8 &blacktriangleright;
rtriltri; U+029CE &rtriltri;
RuleDelayed; U+029F4 &RuleDelayed;
ruluhar; U+02968 &ruluhar;
rx; U+0211E &rx;
Sacute; U+0015A &Sacute;
sacute; U+0015B &sacute;
sbquo; U+0201A
Sc; U+02ABC &Sc;
sc; U+0227B &succ;
scap; U+02AB8 &succapprox;
Scaron; U+00160 Š
scaron; U+00161 š
sccue; U+0227D &sccue;
scE; U+02AB4 &scE;
sce; U+02AB0 &succeq;
Scedil; U+0015E &Scedil;
scedil; U+0015F &scedil;
Scirc; U+0015C &Scirc;
scirc; U+0015D &scirc;
scnap; U+02ABA &scnap;
scnE; U+02AB6 &succneqq;
scnsim; U+022E9 &succnsim;
scpolint; U+02A13 &scpolint;
scsim; U+0227F &scsim;
Scy; U+00421 &Scy;
scy; U+00441 &scy;
sdot; U+022C5
sdotb; U+022A1 &dotsquare;
sdote; U+02A66 &sdote;
searhk; U+02925 &hksearow;
seArr; U+021D8 &seArr;
searr; U+02198 &searrow;
searrow; U+02198 &searrow;
sect; U+000A7 §
sect U+000A7 §
semi; U+0003B ;
seswar; U+02929 &tosa;
setminus; U+02216 &smallsetminus;
setmn; U+02216 &smallsetminus;
sext; U+02736 &sext;
Sfr; U+1D516 &Sfr;
sfr; U+1D530 &sfr;
sfrown; U+02322 &frown;
sharp; U+0266F &sharp;
SHCHcy; U+00429 &SHCHcy;
shchcy; U+00449 &shchcy;
SHcy; U+00428 &SHcy;
shcy; U+00448 &shcy;
ShortDownArrow; U+02193 &downarrow;
ShortLeftArrow; U+02190 &slarr;
shortmid; U+02223 &mid;
shortparallel; U+02225 &spar;
ShortRightArrow; U+02192 &srarr;
ShortUpArrow; U+02191 &uparrow;
shy; U+000AD ­
shy U+000AD ­
Sigma; U+003A3 Σ
sigma; U+003C3 σ
sigmaf; U+003C2 &sigmav;
sigmav; U+003C2 &sigmav;
sim; U+0223C
simdot; U+02A6A &simdot;
sime; U+02243 &simeq;
simeq; U+02243 &simeq;
simg; U+02A9E &simg;
simgE; U+02AA0 &simgE;
siml; U+02A9D &siml;
simlE; U+02A9F &simlE;
simne; U+02246 &simne;
simplus; U+02A24 &simplus;
simrarr; U+02972 &simrarr;
slarr; U+02190 &slarr;
SmallCircle; U+02218 &compfn;
smallsetminus; U+02216 &smallsetminus;
smashp; U+02A33 &smashp;
smeparsl; U+029E4 &smeparsl;
smid; U+02223 &mid;
smile; U+02323 &smile;
smt; U+02AAA &smt;
smte; U+02AAC &smte;
smtes; U+02AAC U+0FE00 &smte;︀
SOFTcy; U+0042C &SOFTcy;
softcy; U+0044C &softcy;
sol; U+0002F /
solb; U+029C4 &solb;
solbar; U+0233F &solbar;
Sopf; U+1D54A &Sopf;
sopf; U+1D564 &sopf;
spades; U+02660 &spadesuit;
spadesuit; U+02660 &spadesuit;
spar; U+02225 &spar;
sqcap; U+02293 &sqcap;
sqcaps; U+02293 U+0FE00 &sqcap;︀
sqcup; U+02294 &sqcup;
sqcups; U+02294 U+0FE00 &sqcup;︀
Sqrt; U+0221A
sqsub; U+0228F &sqsub;
sqsube; U+02291 &sqsubseteq;
sqsubset; U+0228F &sqsub;
sqsubseteq; U+02291 &sqsubseteq;
sqsup; U+02290 &sqsupset;
sqsupe; U+02292 &sqsupe;
sqsupset; U+02290 &sqsupset;
sqsupseteq; U+02292 &sqsupe;
squ; U+025A1 &squ;
Square; U+025A1 &squ;
square; U+025A1 &squ;
SquareIntersection; U+02293 &sqcap;
SquareSubset; U+0228F &sqsub;
SquareSubsetEqual; U+02291 &sqsubseteq;
SquareSuperset; U+02290 &sqsupset;
SquareSupersetEqual; U+02292 &sqsupe;
SquareUnion; U+02294 &sqcup;
squarf; U+025AA &blacksquare;
squf; U+025AA &blacksquare;
srarr; U+02192 &srarr;
Sscr; U+1D4AE &Sscr;
sscr; U+1D4C8 &sscr;
ssetmn; U+02216 &smallsetminus;
ssmile; U+02323 &smile;
sstarf; U+022C6 &sstarf;
Star; U+022C6 &sstarf;
star; U+02606 &star;
starf; U+02605 &bigstar;
straightepsilon; U+003F5 &straightepsilon;
straightphi; U+003D5 &phiv;
strns; U+000AF &strns;
Sub; U+022D0 &Sub;
sub; U+02282
subdot; U+02ABD &subdot;
subE; U+02AC5 &subseteqq;
sube; U+02286 &subseteq;
subedot; U+02AC3 &subedot;
submult; U+02AC1 &submult;
subnE; U+02ACB &subsetneqq;
subne; U+0228A &subsetneq;
subplus; U+02ABF &subplus;
subrarr; U+02979 &subrarr;
Subset; U+022D0 &Sub;
subset; U+02282
subseteq; U+02286 &subseteq;
subseteqq; U+02AC5 &subseteqq;
SubsetEqual; U+02286 &subseteq;
subsetneq; U+0228A &subsetneq;
subsetneqq; U+02ACB &subsetneqq;
subsim; U+02AC7 &subsim;
subsub; U+02AD5 &subsub;
subsup; U+02AD3 &subsup;
succ; U+0227B &succ;
succapprox; U+02AB8 &succapprox;
succcurlyeq; U+0227D &sccue;
Succeeds; U+0227B &succ;
SucceedsEqual; U+02AB0 &succeq;
SucceedsSlantEqual; U+0227D &sccue;
SucceedsTilde; U+0227F &scsim;
succeq; U+02AB0 &succeq;
succnapprox; U+02ABA &scnap;
succneqq; U+02AB6 &succneqq;
succnsim; U+022E9 &succnsim;
succsim; U+0227F &scsim;
SuchThat; U+0220B &niv;
Sum; U+02211
sum; U+02211
sung; U+0266A &sung;
Sup; U+022D1 &Supset;
sup; U+02283
sup1; U+000B9 ¹
sup1 U+000B9 ¹
sup2; U+000B2 ²
sup2 U+000B2 ²
sup3; U+000B3 ³
sup3 U+000B3 ³
supdot; U+02ABE &supdot;
supdsub; U+02AD8 &supdsub;
supE; U+02AC6 &supseteqq;
supe; U+02287 &supseteq;
supedot; U+02AC4 &supedot;
Superset; U+02283
SupersetEqual; U+02287 &supseteq;
suphsol; U+027C9 &suphsol;
suphsub; U+02AD7 &suphsub;
suplarr; U+0297B &suplarr;
supmult; U+02AC2 &supmult;
supnE; U+02ACC &supsetneqq;
supne; U+0228B &supsetneq;
supplus; U+02AC0 &supplus;
Supset; U+022D1 &Supset;
supset; U+02283
supseteq; U+02287 &supseteq;
supseteqq; U+02AC6 &supseteqq;
supsetneq; U+0228B &supsetneq;
supsetneqq; U+02ACC &supsetneqq;
supsim; U+02AC8 &supsim;
supsub; U+02AD4 &supsub;
supsup; U+02AD6 &supsup;
swarhk; U+02926 &hkswarow;
swArr; U+021D9 &swArr;
swarr; U+02199 &swarrow;
swarrow; U+02199 &swarrow;
swnwar; U+0292A &swnwar;
szlig; U+000DF ß
szlig U+000DF ß
Tab; U+00009
target; U+02316 &target;
Tau; U+003A4 Τ
tau; U+003C4 τ
tbrk; U+023B4 &tbrk;
Tcaron; U+00164 &Tcaron;
tcaron; U+00165 &tcaron;
Tcedil; U+00162 &Tcedil;
tcedil; U+00163 &tcedil;
Tcy; U+00422 &Tcy;
tcy; U+00442 &tcy;
tdot; U+020DB ◌&tdot;
telrec; U+02315 &telrec;
Tfr; U+1D517 &Tfr;
tfr; U+1D531 &tfr;
there4; U+02234 &therefore;
Therefore; U+02234 &therefore;
therefore; U+02234 &therefore;
Theta; U+00398 Θ
theta; U+003B8 θ
thetasym; U+003D1 &thetav;
thetav; U+003D1 &thetav;
thickapprox; U+02248 &thkap;
thicksim; U+0223C
ThickSpace; U+0205F U+0200A &MediumSpace;&hairsp;
thinsp; U+02009
ThinSpace; U+02009
thkap; U+02248 &thkap;
thksim; U+0223C
thorn; U+000FE þ
thorn U+000FE þ
Tilde; U+0223C
tilde; U+002DC ˜
TildeEqual; U+02243 &simeq;
TildeFullEqual; U+02245
TildeTilde; U+02248 &thkap;
times; U+000D7 ×
times U+000D7 ×
timesb; U+022A0 &timesb;
timesbar; U+02A31 &timesbar;
timesd; U+02A30 &timesd;
tint; U+0222D &iiint;
toea; U+02928 &toea;
top; U+022A4 &top;
topbot; U+02336 &topbot;
topcir; U+02AF1 &topcir;
Topf; U+1D54B &Topf;
topf; U+1D565 &topf;
topfork; U+02ADA &topfork;
tosa; U+02929 &tosa;
tprime; U+02034 &tprime;
TRADE; U+02122
trade; U+02122
triangle; U+025B5 &triangle;
triangledown; U+025BF &triangledown;
triangleleft; U+025C3 &triangleleft;
trianglelefteq; U+022B4 &ltrie;
triangleq; U+0225C &triangleq;
triangleright; U+025B9 &triangleright;
trianglerighteq; U+022B5 &rtrie;
tridot; U+025EC &tridot;
trie; U+0225C &triangleq;
triminus; U+02A3A &triminus;
TripleDot; U+020DB ◌&tdot;
triplus; U+02A39 &triplus;
trisb; U+029CD &trisb;
tritime; U+02A3B &tritime;
trpezium; U+023E2 &trpezium;
Tscr; U+1D4AF &Tscr;
tscr; U+1D4C9 &tscr;
TScy; U+00426 &TScy;
tscy; U+00446 &tscy;
TSHcy; U+0040B &TSHcy;
tshcy; U+0045B &tshcy;
Tstrok; U+00166 &Tstrok;
tstrok; U+00167 &tstrok;
twixt; U+0226C &between;
twoheadleftarrow; U+0219E &twoheadleftarrow;
twoheadrightarrow; U+021A0 &twoheadrightarrow;
Uacute; U+000DA Ú
Uacute U+000DA Ú
uacute; U+000FA ú
uacute U+000FA ú
Uarr; U+0219F &Uarr;
uArr; U+021D1 &Uparrow;
uarr; U+02191 &uparrow;
Uarrocir; U+02949 &Uarrocir;
Ubrcy; U+0040E &Ubrcy;
ubrcy; U+0045E &ubrcy;
Ubreve; U+0016C &Ubreve;
ubreve; U+0016D &ubreve;
Ucirc; U+000DB Û
Ucirc U+000DB Û
ucirc; U+000FB û
ucirc U+000FB û
Ucy; U+00423 &Ucy;
ucy; U+00443 &ucy;
udarr; U+021C5 &udarr;
Udblac; U+00170 &Udblac;
udblac; U+00171 &udblac;
udhar; U+0296E &udhar;
ufisht; U+0297E &ufisht;
Ufr; U+1D518 &Ufr;
ufr; U+1D532 &ufr;
Ugrave; U+000D9 Ù
Ugrave U+000D9 Ù
ugrave; U+000F9 ù
ugrave U+000F9 ù
uHar; U+02963 &uHar;
uharl; U+021BF &upharpoonleft;
uharr; U+021BE &upharpoonright;
uhblk; U+02580 &uhblk;
ulcorn; U+0231C &ulcorn;
ulcorner; U+0231C &ulcorn;
ulcrop; U+0230F &ulcrop;
ultri; U+025F8 &ultri;
Umacr; U+0016A &Umacr;
umacr; U+0016B &umacr;
uml; U+000A8 &die;
uml U+000A8 &die;
UnderBar; U+0005F _
UnderBrace; U+023DF &UnderBrace;
UnderBracket; U+023B5 &bbrk;
UnderParenthesis; U+023DD &UnderParenthesis;
Union; U+022C3 &xcup;
UnionPlus; U+0228E &uplus;
Uogon; U+00172 &Uogon;
uogon; U+00173 &uogon;
Uopf; U+1D54C &Uopf;
uopf; U+1D566 &uopf;
UpArrow; U+02191 &uparrow;
Uparrow; U+021D1 &Uparrow;
uparrow; U+02191 &uparrow;
UpArrowBar; U+02912 &UpArrowBar;
UpArrowDownArrow; U+021C5 &udarr;
UpDownArrow; U+02195 &varr;
Updownarrow; U+021D5 &DoubleUpDownArrow;
updownarrow; U+02195 &varr;
UpEquilibrium; U+0296E &udhar;
upharpoonleft; U+021BF &upharpoonleft;
upharpoonright; U+021BE &upharpoonright;
uplus; U+0228E &uplus;
UpperLeftArrow; U+02196 &nwarrow;
UpperRightArrow; U+02197 &nearrow;
Upsi; U+003D2 ϒ
upsi; U+003C5 υ
upsih; U+003D2 ϒ
Upsilon; U+003A5 Υ
upsilon; U+003C5 υ
UpTee; U+022A5 &bottom;
UpTeeArrow; U+021A5 &mapstoup;
upuparrows; U+021C8 &uuarr;
urcorn; U+0231D &urcorn;
urcorner; U+0231D &urcorn;
urcrop; U+0230E &urcrop;
Uring; U+0016E &Uring;
uring; U+0016F &uring;
urtri; U+025F9 &urtri;
Uscr; U+1D4B0 &Uscr;
uscr; U+1D4CA &uscr;
utdot; U+022F0 &utdot;
Utilde; U+00168 &Utilde;
utilde; U+00169 &utilde;
utri; U+025B5 &triangle;
utrif; U+025B4 &utrif;
uuarr; U+021C8 &uuarr;
Uuml; U+000DC Ü
Uuml U+000DC Ü
uuml; U+000FC ü
uuml U+000FC ü
uwangle; U+029A7 &uwangle;
vangrt; U+0299C &vangrt;
varepsilon; U+003F5 &straightepsilon;
varkappa; U+003F0 &kappav;
varnothing; U+02205 &emptyv;
varphi; U+003D5 &phiv;
varpi; U+003D6 &varpi;
varpropto; U+0221D &propto;
vArr; U+021D5 &DoubleUpDownArrow;
varr; U+02195 &varr;
varrho; U+003F1 &rhov;
varsigma; U+003C2 &sigmav;
varsubsetneq; U+0228A U+0FE00 &subsetneq;︀
varsubsetneqq; U+02ACB U+0FE00 &subsetneqq;︀
varsupsetneq; U+0228B U+0FE00 &supsetneq;︀
varsupsetneqq; U+02ACC U+0FE00 &supsetneqq;︀
vartheta; U+003D1 &thetav;
vartriangleleft; U+022B2 &vartriangleleft;
vartriangleright; U+022B3 &vartriangleright;
Vbar; U+02AEB &Vbar;
vBar; U+02AE8 &vBar;
vBarv; U+02AE9 &vBarv;
Vcy; U+00412 &Vcy;
vcy; U+00432 &vcy;
VDash; U+022AB &VDash;
Vdash; U+022A9 &Vdash;
vDash; U+022A8 &vDash;
vdash; U+022A2 &vdash;
Vdashl; U+02AE6 &Vdashl;
Vee; U+022C1 &bigvee;
vee; U+02228 &vee;
veebar; U+022BB &veebar;
veeeq; U+0225A &veeeq;
vellip; U+022EE &vellip;
Verbar; U+02016 &Vert;
verbar; U+0007C |
Vert; U+02016 &Vert;
vert; U+0007C |
VerticalBar; U+02223 &mid;
VerticalLine; U+0007C |
VerticalSeparator; U+02758 &VerticalSeparator;
VerticalTilde; U+02240 &wreath;
VeryThinSpace; U+0200A &hairsp;
Vfr; U+1D519 &Vfr;
vfr; U+1D533 &vfr;
vltri; U+022B2 &vartriangleleft;
vnsub; U+02282 U+020D2 ⊂⃒
vnsup; U+02283 U+020D2 ⊃⃒
Vopf; U+1D54D &Vopf;
vopf; U+1D567 &vopf;
vprop; U+0221D &propto;
vrtri; U+022B3 &vartriangleright;
Vscr; U+1D4B1 &Vscr;
vscr; U+1D4CB &vscr;
vsubnE; U+02ACB U+0FE00 &subsetneqq;︀
vsubne; U+0228A U+0FE00 &subsetneq;︀
vsupnE; U+02ACC U+0FE00 &supsetneqq;︀
vsupne; U+0228B U+0FE00 &supsetneq;︀
Vvdash; U+022AA &Vvdash;
vzigzag; U+0299A &vzigzag;
Wcirc; U+00174 &Wcirc;
wcirc; U+00175 &wcirc;
wedbar; U+02A5F &wedbar;
Wedge; U+022C0 &xwedge;
wedge; U+02227 &wedge;
wedgeq; U+02259 &wedgeq;
weierp; U+02118 &wp;
Wfr; U+1D51A &Wfr;
wfr; U+1D534 &wfr;
Wopf; U+1D54E &Wopf;
wopf; U+1D568 &wopf;
wp; U+02118 &wp;
wr; U+02240 &wreath;
wreath; U+02240 &wreath;
Wscr; U+1D4B2 &Wscr;
wscr; U+1D4CC &wscr;
xcap; U+022C2 &bigcap;
xcirc; U+025EF &xcirc;
xcup; U+022C3 &xcup;
xdtri; U+025BD &xdtri;
Xfr; U+1D51B &Xfr;
xfr; U+1D535 &xfr;
xhArr; U+027FA &DoubleLongLeftRightArrow;
xharr; U+027F7 &xharr;
Xi; U+0039E Ξ
xi; U+003BE ξ
xlArr; U+027F8 &Longleftarrow;
xlarr; U+027F5 &xlarr;
xmap; U+027FC &xmap;
xnis; U+022FB &xnis;
xodot; U+02A00 &bigodot;
Xopf; U+1D54F &Xopf;
xopf; U+1D569 &xopf;
xoplus; U+02A01 &bigoplus;
xotime; U+02A02 &xotime;
xrArr; U+027F9 &xrArr;
xrarr; U+027F6 &xrarr;
Xscr; U+1D4B3 &Xscr;
xscr; U+1D4CD &xscr;
xsqcup; U+02A06 &bigsqcup;
xuplus; U+02A04 &xuplus;
xutri; U+025B3 &bigtriangleup;
xvee; U+022C1 &bigvee;
xwedge; U+022C0 &xwedge;
Yacute; U+000DD Ý
Yacute U+000DD Ý
yacute; U+000FD ý
yacute U+000FD ý
YAcy; U+0042F &YAcy;
yacy; U+0044F &yacy;
Ycirc; U+00176 &Ycirc;
ycirc; U+00177 &ycirc;
Ycy; U+0042B &Ycy;
ycy; U+0044B &ycy;
yen; U+000A5 ¥
yen U+000A5 ¥
Yfr; U+1D51C &Yfr;
yfr; U+1D536 &yfr;
YIcy; U+00407 &YIcy;
yicy; U+00457 &yicy;
Yopf; U+1D550 &Yopf;
yopf; U+1D56A &yopf;
Yscr; U+1D4B4 &Yscr;
yscr; U+1D4CE &yscr;
YUcy; U+0042E &YUcy;
yucy; U+0044E &yucy;
Yuml; U+00178 Ÿ
yuml; U+000FF ÿ
yuml U+000FF ÿ
Zacute; U+00179 &Zacute;
zacute; U+0017A &zacute;
Zcaron; U+0017D &Zcaron;
zcaron; U+0017E &zcaron;
Zcy; U+00417 &Zcy;
zcy; U+00437 &zcy;
Zdot; U+0017B &Zdot;
zdot; U+0017C &zdot;
zeetrf; U+02128 &zeetrf;
ZeroWidthSpace; U+0200B &NegativeThickSpace;
Zeta; U+00396 Ζ
zeta; U+003B6 ζ
Zfr; U+02128 &zeetrf;
zfr; U+1D537 &zfr;
ZHcy; U+00416 &ZHcy;
zhcy; U+00436 &zhcy;
zigrarr; U+021DD &zigrarr;
Zopf; U+02124 &integers;
zopf; U+1D56B &zopf;
Zscr; U+1D4B5 &Zscr;
zscr; U+1D4CF &zscr;
zwj; U+0200D
zwnj; U+0200C

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The glyphs displayed above are non-normative. Refer to the Unicode specifications for formal definitions of the characters listed above.